Melela - your natural brand for animal health.

Why do I need Melela?
To allow your animals to freely develop their full physical and emotional potential in a natural, balanced environment without any interference from chemicals, pesticides and drugs.

How are the new Melela products made?
The new Melela products come in three basic forms: a liquid tonic, a spray and granules. They are natural fermentations of pure aromatherapy oils with edible vegetable extracts and a “live” probiotic culture of effective micro-organisms that are all biodynamically mixed in energised water using Flowformä and Light Life Ringä technology.

The Melela products are complementary to each other and multi-functional - they can be used in animal husbandry, crop production, aquaculture and all aspects of agriculture. The probiotic culture is registered as an organic feed: Animal Registration No. V16904 (Act 36 of 1947); Organic: SGS OPS/06/064; EcoCert: 2207ZA0600n1e.

How do the new Melela products work?
The probiotic micro-organisms, therapeutic aromatherapy oils and edible vegetable extracts in Melela products work together naturally in many synergistic ways to:

·      boost the immune system by balancing the microbial flora of the gut and environment.

·      control fly populations without the use of chemicals and pesticides

·      achieve peak physical performance with improved digestion.

·      heal faster with reduced infection by harmful bacteria in cuts and sores.

·      lower stress with freedom from chemicals and pesticides

·      be an effective alternative to antibiotic drugs and growth hormones

·      reduce offensive smell of animal by products (lower ammonia levels).


Are there any side effects when using Melela?
None whatsoever - only positive spin-offs for the environment.


How will I know if Melela is working?
Within three weeks you will notice sweeter odours, brighter eyes, shiny coats, less flies and happier, more responsive animals.   

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