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Melela Drinking Water Tonic


The simplest way to administer Melela is via the drinking water supply. Melela Drinking Water Tonic is a brown liquid that is added to drinking water in a ratio of 1 part in 1000 parts of water. It should be added manually on a daily basis via header tanks.


Drinking Water Tonic is not effective if the water supply is heavily chlorinated (the chlorine kills the beneficial bacteria in Melela) or where large volumes of water are often spilled (e.g. in piggeries). In such circumstances, Melela granules should be used.


Melela Granules


The most effective way of administering Melela is with the addition of Melela Granules to the feed. Feed can be supplemented with Melela Granules by between one and five percent on a weight basis (from 1 to 5 kilos per 100kg of feed).


The Melela Granules are more effective than the Melela Drinking Water Tonic and they are also more expensive. However big savings can be made when Melela Granules are home made – see our Home Brew page for details.


Melela Barn/Stable Sprays


These complete Melela's holistic, organic approach to animal health. Having ensured a healthy gut with the Drinking Water/Granule products, the Stable/Barn sprays are used to balance and control the immediate environment in and around livestock housing. With reduced ammonia levels and a sweeter smell these sprays promote a positive living and breathing environment.


Melela Barn Spray is formulated for the poultry and livestock industries whilst the Stable Spray is specially designed for equine requirements.


Application is similar for both products. Twice a week, after turning, spray Melela over the bedding and over the ground for one metre around the entrance of the stable/barn.  


A portable backpack pressure spray with integrated hand pump is best used for this. The application rate should be 50ml per square metre. If difficulty is experienced getting such a fine mist, then the Melela can be diluted one part to nine parts water and then sprayed at 500ml per square metre. 


Melela gives your animals what they need most….

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