You’re One in a Million
with Melela home brew for animal health.


Melela is available under licence in a convenient home brew,
a natural fermentation, simple to set up and easy to control.


Perfect for people who like the satisfaction of doing it themselves
or for those who wish to set up a local SME/BEE to do it for them.

All you have to do is run water through a FlowformTM feature to purify and energise it. Then you add molasses, followed by our unique concentrate which contains the bacterial culture plus special blends of aromatherapy oils and vegetable extracts. Simply seal the fermentation vessel (leaving a water trap to release gasses) and leave it to brew.

After 14 days your Melela is ready. One litre has made 100 litres which you then dilute 1 in 1000 for use – that’s a million times more goodness for your livestock!

It is that easy! Plus Hlumelela Natural Products give full training, on-going support and quality assurance assistance, all as part of the licensing agreement.

The brewing process is safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It uses 100% sustainable resources and is an environmental “best practice”.

Hlumelela is about protecting the young shoot or “natural state”
which encompasses everything that is good about nature:
purity, perfection, abundance, growth, beauty, health and energy.


Hlumelela is the company for
a new natural approach to animal care.
Melela is our leading brand.


Melela gives your animals what they need most….

the very best from nature, naturally!


Contact: Julie or Bob