What is Hlumemela?
The innovative company in animal health.

Hlumelela comes from the Zulu words hlume (young shoot) and melela (protect). Hlumelela is about protecting the young shoot or “natural state” which encompasses everything that is good about nature: purity, perfection, abundance, growth, beauty, health and energy.

Hlumelela is the company for a natural approach to animal care - Melela is our leading brand. Melela gives your livestock what is needed most – the very best from nature, naturally.

South African Operations
Hlumelela is a South African company, started in 2002 and formally established in 2005 as a Closed Corporation, registration no. CK 2005/081654/23. We are based on the KwaZulu Natal coast, supply nationally and have a licensee in U.K., named Emvelo Products Limited.

Hlumelela Natural Products manufacture, licence the fermentation of, and market the Melela range of natural products. These were developed in South Africa to promote the welfare of animals (livestock) and the environment.

We are all concerned about the use of non natural products and their possible impact on the environment. There are no genetically modified (GM) or artificial ingredients used within the full Melela range from Hlumelela Natural Products.

The Melela products have been formulated by a B.Sc. (Hons) food scientist with 30 years experience in the South African food and food packaging industries, both in multi-national and private organisations. This includes hands on experience with edible fats and oils, especially blending oils for maximum performance and extensive work with diverse microbiological cultures and processes, such as yogurt, cheeses, beers and wines. In the production of the Melela product range, this scientific and practical knowledge has been fully employed in the handling of essential oils for aromatherapy and fermentation purposes.

Melela products (formerly AfC) were researched and developed by Hlumelela Natural Products, over a period of 3 years before getting to market within South Africa . The products have undergone successful trials in the field and at various academic institutions.

Melela products are now for sale as the finished products or in concentrated form that you can ferment yourself, under licence.

New products based on the Melela range are continually under development and evaluation for specific animals. These will be made available after extensive testing. 

Our Philosophy and Approach
We pride ourselves on putting you the customer and your animals first. We aim to work in partnership with you to enhance the well-being of your livestock and the environment.

The basis of our formulations and processes is to copy the natural systems of nature enhancing the positive factors, rather than the outdated 20th century science of killing the negative factors. The Melela product range fully focuses on harnessing the beneficial aspects of bacterial growth in a naturally balanced microbial environment.

With increasing concern about the long term effect of modern day drugs and antibiotics, people are looking for natural ways to maintain the day to day health of their livestock. Animals use their own instinct and will seek out what is good for them.

Our products work for all living systems; humans, animals and plants included. Our focus and our current market range is directed towards the poultry, pig and equine markets. Watch this site for more information and when more products become available.

We aim to offer a natural alternative which, is economically viable. An alternative that enhances positive factors.





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